Unveiling the Shipping Plan and Other Updates
Hey Kickstarter backers, Hold on tight! We're pretty sure you're going to like this update 😉 When Will M5 Ship? This week 🥳 In fact, your printer might be being manufactured at this second! We developed an updated mass production plan in coordination with our factory and suppliers. This is what they can handle given that China's week-long national holiday is approaching. Check out the table to get an idea of when your M5 will arrive. The actual arrival time depends on local suppliers, weather, and other factors. Be assured that we're doing our best to get M5 to your home ASAP. You can check this list to find the local delivery service for your area. Do note that you may experience a shipping delay if you didn't fill in your address in the Pledge Box Survey. Local suppliers may also be different upon delivery. If you need help, email us at support@ankermake.com. Also note that because Christmas is only 3 months away, you can contact us if you want us to delay your delivery to make it more of a holiday surprise 🎁 M5 Progress AnkerMake App 1. G-Code Preview: When selecting the G-Code file, you'll now see an image along with the file name, so you know exactly what you're printing. 2. New iOS Added: iOS 16 is now compatible. We're working on Android 13 next! 3. Real-Time Video Fix: You should be able to click and get real-time video to activate now. AnkerMake Slicer 1. Software Improvements: Fixed a printer control error that caused the software to abruptly close. You can now see USB files when printing remotely. Optimized large file transfers when printing remotely. 2. G-Code Improvements: Stopped many temporary files being created while running the Slicer. Specifically, we targeted the generation and exit code of G-Code files. The rotation sensitivity was adjusted for G-Code previews so you can easily see your models while you're browsing. 3. Engine Improvements: We updated M5 parameters, such as travel speed and wall line width, to make printing faster and print quality smoother. 4. Path Optimization: We improve the Slicer path algorithm to make printing even faster. Here's the progress we've made: Firmware 1. Added Notifications: Now, you'll be able to know instantly when there's something wrong with data transfers or the temperature so you can solve the issue immediately. 2. Improved Camera Calibration: We've updated the interface to make it easier to adjust the angle of your camera. In the future, we'll add an automatic calibration function to improve AI recognition even more. 3. Firmware Updates After Powering On: No more worrying about firmware updates not completing. If M5 accidentally gets turned off while upgrading, the update will automatically resume after you turn M5 back on. 4. New Functions Added: You can now activate or deactivate the fill light whenever you want. In addition, you can control the quality of real-time view to ensure the stream never lags. That's All for Now Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about M5. We love adding your suggestions to the 3D printer so you get the most out of your prints! Next week, we've got a big announcement to make about V6. Check back then! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Mass Production Begins and More M5 Updates
Hey Kickstarter backers, It's the news you've waited to hear. Drum roll, please... AnkerMake M5 is entering mass production! Finally! Thank you so much for your patience over these past few weeks! Last week, our product team looked over the quality of our test runs and made the decision to move into mass production. While the previous version's hardware was fine, we discovered that the cooling fan wasn't as good as it could be. So, our development team switched the fan to another model, and well, it's certainly cool. Testing Specifics We put our fan to the test with the AutoDesk Kickstarter Geometry model, specifically the bridge. The curved bridge hangs over the plane at 45°, 35°, 20°, and 15°. When the fan keeps the material cooler, the quality is better. Note: This model was only for testing. Learn more about the test here. We recommend adding supports to your prints if they have similar angles. Here are the test results: The printing quality with the upgraded fan (Model: 3010, RPM 15,000) improved at temperatures of 77°F (25°C) and 95°F (35°C). At 77°F (25°C), the printing quality was similar at both 75% RPM and 100% RPM. At 95°F (35°C), the printing quality of 100% RPM was slightly better than 75% RPM. The rest results led us to set the default fan RPM to 75%. We recommend setting the RPM to 100% if the room temperature is around 95°F (35°C) or your model has a lot of overhangs. You can easily change the RPM via the touch screen, AnkerMake App or AnkerMake Slicer. Noise Level We are proud of the new quality results, but one drawback to the new 15,000 RPM fan is that the noise level increases. At 250 mm/s printing speed, we measured 52-53 dB at 75% RPM (Default) and 53-56 dB at 100% RPM, according to the ISO77779 International Regulation Acoustic Test Standard. Note: The noise level of the test room was 33 dB. The testing distance was 1 m (3.3 ft). Our previous fan model was able to print under 50 dB, but we decided that print quality was more important. We hope you understand our decision and will still enjoy creating with M5 as much as we do. More M5 Updates AnkerMake App Control Modules: Now you can change even more aspects of your print, including moving the X, Y, or Z axes, auto-leveling, and loading or unloading the filament—all from your phone. Timelapse Video Control: If you love showing off your work, toggle this feature on. If not, it's easy to switch off now on the AnkerMake app. Improved Light Adaptation: Real-time viewing at sunset (or sunrise for you early birds) will be smoother to watch. We updated the algorithm to avoid frequent switching between normal and night vision modes. Better First-Layer Detection: We improved the first-layer detection by raising the Z axis to a specific height so the AI camera can have a wider viewing angle. Thanks to our beta testers for helping us here! AnkerMake Slicer Crash Fix: We discovered a crash could occur when the progress bar was loading and solved it. Multiple Device Stability: We fixed a data transfer bug when multiple devices are connected and improved multiple-device connection stability. AI Photos and G-Code Files Merged: Now, you can transfer G-Codes to your printer without extra files. Firmware Faster Startups: Once you've connected your printer to Wi-Fi, M5 now skips over the connection page to make starting up faster the next time. Printer Status Syncing: The printer status is now synced with the AnkerMake app, so you can easily see errors or print jobs at a glance. Bug Fixes: Thanks to our beta users, we were able to solve these small bugs on M5. LED indicator display issues were corrected. No more crashes from lengthy file names. Updated font packs for Japanese users. That's All for Now Thanks so much for sticking with us while we made these important updates to M5. Keep checking back because we're about to release specific details on our shipping plan! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Update on M5 Progress and IFA Debut
Hey AnkerMake fans, We're hard at work getting M5 ready to ship to your home. Here's the progress we've made in just a few days, plus a bonus from AnkerMake M5's first public showing. Updates AnkerMake App LED Control: For makers who like to create in the dark, you can now control the printer LED with just a simple tap on the AnkerMake app and check the printer status in real time. Video Quality Choices: Decide the quality of your real-time video based on your network. You can choose between standard or HD to really check out the details on your model. Feedback Function: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with us. Give feedback anytime via the "Me" tab, so we can make it right. Optimized User Interface: We rounded the corners and enlarged the clickable area of buttons to make your experience easier, so you can focus on your 3D creations. AnkerMake Slicer Merged Preview Window: Thanks to your suggestions, we've merged the Slicer preview window with the slicing window to enhance your experience. Debugging Process: We're working on solutions for recent pop-up crashes and account log-in errors. Firmware Improved File Recognition: We expanded the scope of G-code checking to increase recognition rates and decrease file errors. Specifically, we added end G-code and M commands, as well as a G command to check for items. Bug Fixes: We solved Wi-Fi issues to improve communication with the AnkerMake app. M5's First Public Appearance at IFA IFA is one of the world's biggest trade shows, and we were in Berlin showing off M5 in its first public appearance. Thousands stopped by to take a look, and we made quite the impression with the media. If you understand German, check out this article from ComputerBase, which praised M5's ability to print without stringing. Or if you want the TLDR version, take a look at this tweet from Lance Ulanoff, a tech reporter for Medium. I had no idea @AnkerOfficial makes 3D printers. #IFA2022 #ShowStoppers pic.twitter.com/35Qnzi3LDH — Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) September 1, 2022 Lance is right—M5 is a showstopper! Check Out the Photos We had a great time meeting with everyone who stopped by. Here's a look at some of the fun captured on camera. That's All For Now Let us know what you're going to print first. We can't wait to see the results! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Kickstarter Update on Shipping Plan and Product Improvements
This is an update for all our crowdfunding backers. It's been a hectic month for the AnkerMake team. We appreciate your patience, and we're working non-stop to get the M5 3D printer ready for you. What's the Shipping Plan? After rounds of evaluations and in-depth discussions with our beta users, we decided to postpone the shipment until early October. That's when all logistics will be finalized. Your 3D printer should arrive sometime in December. Backers who paid for Air Express delivery will receive M5 six weeks earlier. Please be assured that the materials and components are arriving at our production centers as planned, and we will be ready for mass production soon. However, to give you the best AnkerMake 3D printer possible, we need more time to improve the printing experience. We share your disappointment in this delay because we want to get M5 in your hands as soon as possible. But we also want your first impressions to be positive with the best-in-class speed, accuracy, and versatility you deserve. How Will We Use the Extra Time to Enhance the M5 Experience? This month, the AnkerMake team made several improvements recommended by beta testers, such as adding shortcuts to preheat and reprint. We also upgraded the M5 hardware to improve stability. Our beta testing community has been invaluable in our development of M5, and we're thankful for their ideas and suggestions. While making these changes, we found other opportunities to enhance firmware and software to deliver a more accurate, diverse, and accessible user experience. Firmware Optimization of AI recognition algorithms is needed, to ensure the AI camera responds better to different lighting and filament colors. A small probability of false and missed recognition arose in the beta testing, and we will need more time to test with various conditions, and scale up to more pilot-produced machines before moving into mass production. App We're adding more advanced settings based on suggestions from our beta users, such as adjustments of X/Y/Z axis and printing speed. We're also making upgrades to the app to ensure an equally smooth experience for 3D printer beginners and experts alike. Slicer After looking into the in-depth feedback from beta users, we found that the interface interaction and motion planning algorithm both need to be optimized. Our software designers are making the interface more user-friendly, and our engineers are adjusting the motion planning algorithm to improve printing quality and reduce situations like ringing. Thank you to our beta testers for the recommendations! What's Next? Confirm your shipping information To date, 91% of M5 backers have submitted their mailing addresses through the Pledge Box survey. The address collection will end on September 9th to give us time to finalize device shipment preparations. If you miss the window, don't worry, you'll still get your rewards. Please reach out to us at support@ankermake.com. Weekly updates on shipping and production Starting in September, we will share production and shipping updates in the new blog on the AnkerMake official website. Check it out to stay up to date on shipping and get info on AnkerMake and 3D printing products. We have more to share We can't say everything right now, but we can let you know more materials have arrived and are getting ready for mass production. We can't wait to tell you what's happening next! As always, thank you again for your patience and support. We wouldn't be here without you! The AnkerMake Team
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