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Experience Convenient
3D Printing

Introducing our debut 3D printer, AnkerMake M5. With faster and smarter printing, you are free from waiting to just enjoy the creation.

AnkerMake M5

Explore the 3D Printing Frontier

Cut Print Times by 70%

Give Your Prints Powerboost

See 5X faster (250 mm/s) printing speed with acceleration up to 2500 mm/². Here's what's behind the turbo times:
  • Y-Stepper Motor with high-subdivision drivers improve torque and stability.
  • Double-Belt that provides even power distribution.
  • Advanced algorithms that align your printing with your course of action.
Note: The standard operating speed of AnkerMake is 250 mm/s. Compared to other regular 3D printers working at 50 mm/s as a standard operation speed, AnkerMake works 5 times faster.

See High-Speed
Intricate Details

Ultra Direct Extruder |
Aluminum Alloy Stabilization

  • Improve accuracy with a tiny 30 mm distance between the extruder and the nozzle, plus internal processing that checks on your print more than 1,000 times.
  • Experience more precision with the double-gear extrusion that grips and stabilizes the material thanks to the aluminum-alloy die-casting base.

Keep Your Prints on Track

AI Camera Recognition System

  • AI Recognition: The visual recognition camera compares your print with the design in real time to keep your prints on target.
  • Real-Time HD Video: Give yourself peace of mind and check in when you want with real-time viewing via the AnkerMake app.
  • Powerful Processor: At the heart of the AI Recognition system is the 1.2GHz Double XBurst®2 Core and XBurst®0(240MHz) that powers all the monitoring.

Stay Connected,
Share Anytime

Control Anywhere

Control your printer anywhere via the AnkerMake Cloud app, slicing software, or a smart home assistant.

Print in 1 Click

Directly import your model and click to print. The slicing software gets to work and tells the printer to start running.

Share Your Timelapses

Feel good about your creation with timelapses that are easy to share with the world on social media.

Easy to Use

  • Integrated Modular Design
  • HD Touchscreen
  • 7x7-Point Auto-Leveling
  • PEI Soft Magnetic Plate
  • LED, Audio, and App Alerts
  • Broken Material Detection
  • Print Resumes After Outage

Explore the 3D Printing Frontier
with AnkerMake

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