Pre-Order M5 Today

Pre-Order M5 Today

Hey fellow maker,

If you missed out on the Kickstarter deals, today's your chance to pre-order M5 on Pre-orders begin today from our US/UK/DE stores.

If you're thinking, "What about all the Kickstarter orders?" Don't worry. We're starting pre-orders now to help with the production schedule and ensure you get M5 as soon as possible. Do note we will first deliver all Kickstarter orders before pre-orders on M5.

So, what can you expect?

Pre-Order Guide

Starting Date: Oct. 24 | 9 AM ET

Stores: US/UK/DE




Payment: Full payment before delivery. Orders are refundable.

Free Gift for Registered Emails: Sign up for updates and get a bonus link to purchase M5 with a $75 gift pack (2 kg PLA filament and 64 GB USB drive) by Oct. 31st.


Note: Please note that the pre-orders will ship after all Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled.

For more questions, please contact our Support Team at

Keep making,

The AnkerMake Team


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