Who's Ready for Software Updates?

Hey Kickstarter backers,

We've been quite busy in the lab, especially on the software side. After weeks of hard work, we're excited to share what's getting updated in the latest versions of the AnkerMake firmware, app, and Slicer. We've also got more of your models to show off!

New Firmware and Software

You can now download new versions of the AnkerMake firmware and Android app (iOS this week), and slicer.
Check out the upgraded features here:

Firmware Upgrade

  • Device local file update added.
  • Camera calibration. This happens after M5 is used for the first time, including after factory resets. This helps improve AI recognition.
  • Display added for AI accuracy.
  • First-layer detection added.
  • Homing fan and print speed adjustment added to the touch screen.
  • New interfaces/protocols added to support control modules on the AnkerMake App and AnkerMake Slicer, including extrusion and preheating.
  • Fixed some bugs.
How to Update
You can upgrade after connecting your M5 to Wi-Fi through OTA. The firmware takes several minutes to finish downloading. Wait until you see a red dot in the right corner. An update window will pop up. Click update to complete.
We recommend keeping your M5 firmware up to date for the best experience!

App Upgrade

  • Extrusion and Z-axis compensation added to the control module.
  • Several other features added, including preheating, an AI accuracy display, and fan speed adjustment.
  • Bugs fixed.
How to Update
Get the new version from the Google Play Store. Next week, a new version for iOS will be available on the App Store.

Slicer Upgrade  

  • Added programming instructions to the G-Code for first-layer detection features.
  • You'll receive new notifications to understand the causes of software errors and identify solutions clearly. For example, users who experienced performance issues will now get a notification of "Current OpenGL Version Too Low."
  • Issues Addressed
    1. Fixed login window links jumping to unknown web pages.
    2. Solved remote printing failures with Macs.
    3. Prints will no longer instantly show as "finished" when printing with Macs.
    4. Copy rewritten to address grammar and ease of understanding.
    5. You can now log in with your computer after logging in from your app after a password change.
    6. Fixed the OBJ file import and export function error.
    7. We also addressed some performance issues that led to crashes.
How to Update
Download the new version to your computer from https://www.ankermake.com/software
Important: For the best experience, upgrade the firmware, app, and slicer at the same time.
Note: After installing the new AnkerMake Slicer, the old slicer version AnkerSlicer will still exist on your computer. To ensure your old data is synced (including customized parameters), open the AnkerMake Slicer and check the custom parameters. Go to the top menu bar, and then Setting > Parameters.


If AnkerMake does not automatically synchronize your data after startup, you can try this method:
1. Reinstall the new beta AnkerMake Slicer and start the program again.
2. Export the parameter group file from the old AnkerSlicer and import it to the new beta AnkerMake Slicer. Go to the top menu bar, and then Settings > Parameters > Import/Export.

We See Your Models, Here's Some of Ours 

Wow! We can't believe all of the awesome prints we saw on Benchy 🤯 So, we came up with a few of our own ideas. Some practical, others fun. They're available with the firmware update.
Check out some of our favorites here, and we've got several more for you to explore. They're available with the firmware update.

CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree 

We're happy to announce that M5 is a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards honoree in the robotics category. We're proud to make the world a better place with 3D printing, and we're committed to bringing you advanced 3D printing to make your ideas become reality.

That's all for now. We'll see you next week!


Keep making,

The AnkerMake Team


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