What's New with V6 Color Engine
Hey fellow makers, We're pleased with the development of AnkerMake V6 Color Engine so far. This month, we started trial production of the redesigned parts, and production will continue through June. Once that's done, we'll do some final tweaks for a second round of trial production, with mass production beginning in September. Here's the full timeline: March - April: Redesigned parts remolded (Complete) May - June: Redesigned parts continue 1st round of trial production July: Redesigned parts enter 2nd round of trial production August: Material preparation starts September: Mass production begins September - October: 5,000+ units are produced and shipped Development Images Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these pictures showing production in action! V6 High-Precision and Large Mold Production Line First Batch Assembled V6 Samples AnkerMake Community AMA We've been active on Discord talking with all of the AnkerMake fans about 3D printing, and we hosted an AMA. We've collected the top questions about V6 for you all to see: Q: What changes will be made to the extruder? A: We're adding a filament-switching module to the V6 extruder, and to ensure better fusing of different filaments, we've added independent heating modules for each filament. Q: How can we configure the colors for the prints? Does V6 support other slicers? A: The AnkerMake Slicer will be updated to include model coloring and be able to support importing models in 3MF with color information. In the AnkerMake Slicer, you will be able to select specific parts of the model and assign your desired colors to those areas. You can also visit the AnkerMake Community in Discord and Model Library on the AnkerMake App, to see how other users color the same model. Currently, V6 only supports setting or editing model colors in the AnkerMake Slicer. We will open-source software files to the community. Q: Can we use non-Anker filament brands and set temperatures for each spool in V6? A: As mentioned above, we've given each of the six filament spools an independent heating module. That allows you to set filaments at different temperatures in a single print. To set temperatures, use the AnkerMake Slicer or automatically apply these settings via the NFC tags on AnkerMake official filaments. We support other filament brands, but they might not have NFC tags. You'll need to manually set the color, temperatures for printing, storage, and drying, and other relevant information. There may also be slight color differences when the model renders. Q: Will we have to switch back and forth between the extruders to use the V6? What's involved in hooking up V6 to M5, and how quick and easy is it to convert M5 back to normal operation? A: V6 comes with a separate extruder and supports high-speed multi-color printing. If you want to print multi-color models, you need to replace the original extruder on your printer with the V6 extruder. As for switching extruders, that's easy. The V6 and M5 extruders use the same backplane, so they connect to the X-axis in the same way. The M5 structure is also designed to be taken apart quickly for easier switching. Finally, V6 is designed to connect and be ready to use. You can switch back to an M5 extruder anytime for higher speed with a single filament. Q: Can I still feed filament from V6 to M5 if I refit the standard M5 extruder? A: Currently, it is not possible because the feeding process for V6 differs from M5. Q: Can we get a better description of Anker's solution for V6 to print multi-colored prints without a purge tower? No other company has been able to accomplish this yet. A: We're sorry, but we can't share this information yet because it's a confidential trade secret. We do plan to announce how it works in the future. In the meantime, just know we've put in a lot of effort to achieve this, and you won't regret using it. We hope you found these questions and answers helpful. If you haven't joined the AnkerMake Community on Discord, you can do so here! Thanks again for your continued support. We look forward to bringing V6 Color Engine to you soon. Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
New Speed Barrier Broken
Hey fellow makers, We've got some exciting news to share, a new fast achievement for AnkerMake M5. Things Just Got Fast(er) We know M5 is fast, but now it's getting even faster. A new update will make AnkerMake M5 capable of printing at a speed of 500 mm/s and acceleration of 5,000 mm/s². Just go into Fast Mode with the AnkerMake Slicer to use it. To ensure print quality during these lightning-fast movements, the Slicer applies different acceleration and speed settings to the first layer, outer walls, infill, and areas with special features. Fast Stats from the Lab Want some real data? Printing a Benchy model at 500 mm/s can now be achieved in 30 minutes using self-slicing, a reduction by nearly 30% compared to the old (but still fast) speed of 44 minutes at 250 mm/s. The AnkerMake Lab even printed a Benchy model within 17 minutes and 40 seconds with OK print quality. We increased the acceleration to the max limit to achieve the result. However, this uses M5's full hardware potential and causes it to run at a full load for a lengthy time, causing printer instability. If interested, you can find the Gcode file in the Explore section of the AnkerMake app to test it yourself. You can also check out this exciting video to see what it looked like when we tested the limits! And here's the comparison of print quality at different speeds. What We've Done On Hardware Here's a fun fact. AnkerMake M5 actually only operates at 1/10th of its potential for speed. It could reach as high as 25,000 mm/s² acceleration, but our primary concern has always been pursuing stability and preserving power. For the updated software, we've let go of some of the restrictions, so an acceleration of 5,000 mm/s² can be achieved. However, this increases the vibration of the entire printer, so print quality will be slightly sacrificed. But we also understand that if you're under a deadline for a prototype or in a rush, you need faster speed. On Software We solved the mismatch between X- and Y-axis movement and the E-axis extrusion at high speed. Now, when operating at high speeds, we can gradually increase the printing speed and acceleration of M5. To do this, we referred to the Pressure Advance and Input Shaper algorithms in the Klipper firmware, used various measurement data from the AnkerMake lab, developed a new S-smoothing algorithm, and embedded these algorithms into the existing Marlin firmware of AnkerMake. We've also extensively explored how we handle retraction and cooling time during high-speed prints, process speed and acceleration for different model features, and match new parameters and algorithm packages when printing at 500mm/s. Update Details Over the weekend, we will release a new version of the Slicer, Firmware, and AnkerMake app that support 500 mm/s printing speed. The release will also include new features, including: The AnkerMake Slicer: Provide a speed selection option (Normal Mode/Fast Mode) for the Easy Mode version of the Slicer. Enable slicing when Fast Mode is selected. Modify the upper acceleration and speed limit for M5 while in Expert Mode. Acceleration: 5,000 mm/s² Speed: 500 mm/s Firmware: Enable printing when Fast Mode is selected. Support higher speed adjustment of print files while printing. Optimize the AI's first layer to better recognize when it's not adhering. The AnkerMake App: Support higher speed adjustment of print files while printing. How to Get Upgraded Speed All you need to do is to update the AnkerMakeSlicer, Firmware, and the AnkerMake App to the latest version. Check out this article if you don't know how to upgrade: How to Update the M5 Printer Firmware If you have already downloaded the AnkerMake Slicer and App, make sure the software is updated to these versions: The AnkerMake Slicer: [V0.9.22_3 or above] The AnkerMake App: [V1.0.7 or above] If you haven't, please download the latest versions from our official website this weekend later. Thank you for your support of AnkerMake. We hope you enjoy the updates, and we'll continue working to upgrade our software for the best user experience. Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
Make Easter Magic with AnkerMake!
Hey fellow makers, Spring has sprung, and Easter is just around the corner. To celebrate, we're excited to announce the release of our new Easter models. These fun and creative 3D-printed designs are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of Easter charm to their home or office. Our Easter models include an Easter egg mosaic, an articulated bunny toy, and a bunny candy jar. Each of these models is carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the holiday, and they're sure to delight anyone who loves Easter. 🎉 And in even more good news, from now until Easter you can enjoy a 15% discount on our M5 3D printer, along with a range of special bundles. Whether you're a seasoned 3D printing pro or a beginner just starting out, we've got a bundle that's perfect for you. 👍 So why wait? Celebrate Easter in style with our new Easter models and take advantage of our special sale. Don't forget to join the AnkerMake Community on Discord. Our community is the perfect place to share your 3D printing ideas, ask for advice, and show off your prints. We love seeing what our fellow makers create with our printers, and we can't wait to see what you'll come up with! Your ideas may be featured on our official channels, and you could even get a 2-pack of filament! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Update on V6: Added Heating Function and More
Hey Kickstarter backers, Since our last V6 update in September, our dedicated V6 product development team has been working hard to overcome the challenges we've faced in the validation process. We want to share all the latest news on the V6 project with all of you, and we've got some good news and some bad news. The Challenges We Faced and the Progress We Made The V6 was developed with a totally new color printing technology. The team successfully conducted multiple tests, verified this solution with a lab prototype, and achieved no purge tower multi-color printing in September. However, during scale-up and mass validation in November, we ran into a huge challenge. Namely, different color filaments would frequently create misalignments at the joints on the model. We also found that any small error during manufacturing or assembly would create color-change misalignments. The technical difficulty of harmonizing the right position during color-change far exceeded our initial evaluation. We need to control the position error of color-change within 0.02mm across three directions to ensure the printing quality of the multi-color model. The flatness of each axis and the error of each part increases the project's difficulty. Starting right away in November, we tried to design new verification solutions in multiple directions to solve this problem. After 3 months of designing, proofing, testing, and verifying, we carried out several rounds of extensive modifications on the nozzles and finally determined a calibration solution in March—a separate automated calibration module. This module helps with the calibration in the XYZ axes and allows color-change overlap within 0.02mm. This automated calibration module will be included when you receive your V6 to ensure a smooth printing experience. We can't wait to share this printing process with you, but we can't just yet due to confidentiality concerns. We should be able to share more with everyone in the coming months, so please stay tuned! After our last update, we saw that many of you were disappointed about the removal of the heating feature. Initially, we decided to remove the feature due to concerns about energy consumption. The V6 didn't have its own power supply and needed to be powered by the M5, and about 90W was reserved from the M5's power to support the heating feature and high-speed printing with V6. However, 90W of power was only enough to allow V6 to achieve a temperature rise of 20℃. During this process, we re-evaluated the heating feature and modified the design of the V6 container, and added a built-in independent power supply to provide power for heating. With the added power supply, we expect the temperature of the V6 container to reach 55°C, which will produce the ideal heating effect. Therefore, we are happy to announce that when backers receive your V6, the heating function will be included. Here is a comparison before and after the heating effect: What's Next? The next step for V6 will be mold opening, trial production, and development verification for the nozzle module and the newly designed calibration module. But here's the bad news: due to the challenges we faced and the modifications made to the design, the shipping time for the V6 project will be delayed until September to October 2023. The detailed timeline is as follows: March – April: The redesigned parts are remolded; May – June: The redesigned parts enter the 1st round of trial production; July: The redesigned parts enter the 2nd round of trial production; August: Material preparation starts; September: Mass production starts; September – October: 5,000+ units produced and shipped. We will keep everyone updated regularly on the progress of V6 throughout this process, and we truly appreciate the patience and support that all of our backers have shown during this time. Again, we completely understand if this delay makes you change your mind about V6; if you no longer want the V6, just email us at support@ankermake.com and we will offer you a refund. Join the Community For more in-depth discussion, you're welcome to join the AnkerMake Community on Discord. This is a place where you can discuss product features, share model ideas, and get support from fellow makers. We can't wait to meet you there. And let's catch up on the next update. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team.
Spring Into New Prints with New Models
Hey fellow makers, Spring's almost here, but before you head to your local gardening center, we'll show you how to make your green thumb truly bloom 🪴 Check out these new models, like the AnkerMake Gardening Tool Kit. No more searching for the right shovel—now you can print it. And you can even decorate your home, office, or workspace with AnkerMoji Planters and Flower Mosaics (Yes, we had a lot of fun making these models 😁). But we know that you've already got some ideas spinning for Spring. So, share your own models in the AnkerMake Community on Discord. Your ideas may be featured on our official channels, and you could even get a 2-pack of filament! We can't wait to see your prints blossom (OK, no more gardening puns)! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
The AnkerMake Slicer Upgrade Plan
Hey AnkerMake fans, We love all the input that you've given us since we launched the AnkerMake Slicer. Our overall goal has been to make it as user-friendly as possible, including our print-in-one-click feature. But we've also heard from some of you that the slicer has issues with the user interface, lacks support functions, tools, and basic features, suffers from bugs, and faces several other concerns. We Hear You, and We're Making Changes We've decided to overhaul the AnkerMake Slicer. These changes won't happen overnight, so we've identified the steps we'll take to make updates: Step 1: Enable M5 on Cura and Prusa Slicer Next month, we plan to release the official M5 slicing parameter configuration files on Cura and Prusa. We'll test the parameter configurations thoroughly before officially releasing them and include M5 users in that testing. This will ensure configurations are optimized for M5 and compatible with Cura and Prusa's slicing software. Thank you to the AnkerMake Community and just-trey's profile of M5 posted on Github. For now, you can review this article to manually add M5 to Cura and PrusaSlicer. Step 2: Expand AI and Remote-Control Capabilities In the future, we're focusing on expanding the capabilities of AI and remote-control features, including real-time streaming, print progress monitoring, and printer control. We'll also address connectivity issues related to printer synchronization and enhance the functionality of importing third-party Gcodes. That way, you can use AI and remote-control features, even if you use other slicer software. We plan to launch the Gcode feature in March. Step 3: Switch Based on PrusaSlicer Solution In this final step, we aim to switch the entire software to the open-source PrusaSlicer. This will involve extensive adjustments to the code and functionality of our software, but we believe it's necessary to provide you with the best user experience. We plan to complete this transition by April, and we'll enter a public beta testing phase then. As part of this transition, we will also make our software development process more transparent and accessible. We will compile the AnkerMake Slicer on Github, so you can access the latest code, report issues, and contribute to development. Overall, we want to work closely with you to gather feedback in making a slicer that is easy to use and reliable. Our Recommendations to You For Beginners: If you are new to 3D printing and don't want to learn about advanced parameter tuning, we recommend you use our current AnkerMake Slicer. Our user experience is optimized for beginners, and the interface is more user-friendly for those who are new to 3D printing. For Experts: We will release official M5 parameter profiles that can be used on Prusa and Cura. Once they are available, you can select our printer and materials directly in Prusa or Cura for printing. We hope these recommendations will help you get the most out of our software and enjoy a smoother and more efficient 3D printing experience. What's Next? Open-Source Contributions We love all the help and support we've received from the open-source community, and now it's time for us to show our appreciation. Moving forward, we plan to upload our version compilation process to Github after each stable version release. This will make it easier for the AnkerMake Community and developers to access and participate, improving the quality and performance of the AnkerMake Slicer. Future Planning Renaming the AnkerMake Slicer: As we update the software, we'll need to re-position and rename it. We will continue making the slicer as user-friendly as possible and are confident a new name will better reflect that commitment. Bi-Weekly Updates: With regular updates, we want your feedback to enhance the overall slicing experience. You have valuable insights into how our slicer can improve, and we want to work with you to make it better. V6 Update: We're still working on V6 and overcoming some development challenges. We are working on an update and will share it with you as soon as possible. Thank you again for your continued support for AnkerMake. Your feedback has been vital to our progress in transforming 3D printing. We couldn't have done it without you. Stay up to date with AnkerMake on our official website and join our Discord community to read the latest news and engage in discussions with our team and other AnkerMake users. We'll see you there! Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
See What the Community's Making
Hey AnkerMake fan, We loved all the prints we saw from the AnkerMake Community on Discord. And we're excited to announce that we're sending the 2-pack of filament to these makers: @jim137, @lukagra, @TheTommynator, and @MrWhetherMan. Congratulations! We'd like to thank everyone who participated, and we were impressed with the quality of the work. For those of you who missed out, here's another opportunity to share. Just share an image or video of your most satisfying print with the AnkerMake M5 Community (click here to join). We'll send a few makers a 2-pack of AnkerMake Official PLA+ filament. We'll accept videos and images until March 5th. Don't forget to read the guidelines carefully, and the earlier you share, the better your chances are of receiving the 2-pack of AnkerMake Official PLA+ filament. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Print "I Love You"
Hey fellow makers, Valentine's Day is just five days away 🥰 For those of you saying, "I forgot," we got you covered. Now you can show your love with a gift you make, not buy. Just download these new models here. And if you've got something else planned to print, show off your ideas. We're on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ankermake. If you need anything, we're always available at support@ankermake.com. We'll respond within 24 hours. Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
Exciting Updates on AnkerMake Software
Hey fellow makers, We know you've been waiting for this, and we're happy to introduce new updates to the firmware, AnkerMake Slicer, and AnkerMake App coming this week. AI Detection Changes The main thing you'll notice is more accurate error detection, reducing wasted time and filament. Previously, the AI camera compared every layer of the print with the original file and alerted you if the layers were below standard. Now, the AI camera checks successive layers and only sends an alert if multiple layers are below standard. In addition, you'll notice a toggle and sensitivity setting that you can adjust. You can also choose if you want your 3D printer to pause when an error is detected. Check out specific updates here: Firmware and App AI Camera Toggle Sensitivity Setting Option to Pause Prints Upgraded Support When something's not right or too tough to figure out, we're here to help. We've made it easier to access our support center via the firmware, app, and slicer. You can browse for content like: How-to-videos FAQs Troubleshooting guides Repair videos/instructions Specific updates include: Firmware and App Notifications now include a QR code you can scan with the AnkerMake App to identify a detailed cause and solution. You'll see solutions when an error occurs, so you're easily linked to support content. There's a nozzle replacement guide to help you switch out your nozzle and avoid damage caused by incorrect repairs. Access in the Control menu. Slicer You can now directly submit logs to us via Log Upload. Access in the Help menu. Have something on your mind? Now you can let us know anytime via the new feedback feature. New Features and Optimizations App Keep your hands free and ask Amazon Alexa to check on your printer status with your voice. Timelapses are now default set to off to protect your privacy. You can turn on the feature manually when you want to record. You can now adjust printer speed through the app. We optimized the model preview to make it easier to view files. Firmware The hotend automatically moves during extrusion and pre-heating to better protect you from injury. Slicer We've made it easier to adjust the view so you can have a better experience using the slicer. When you upgrade, you'll see a "What's New" list to see what changes are being made. Icons modified for consistency. Bug Fixes Firmware The Wi-Fi should now automatically reconnect after disconnecting. The temperature will no longer drop after you start extruding. The app should now be synced with the firmware regarding the pre-heating status. App Fixed user login issues. Slicer Files with duplicate names can now be opened if a crash occurs. Flash drives can now be properly read when viewing them. What's Next? The AnkerMake team is working non-stop to continue improving your 3D printing experience. We plan to add an automatic arrangement for slicing files, real-time video streaming, shortcuts, an undo button, and a redo button. When we're further along in the process, we'll let you know how they're going. In the meantime... Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
Stop Waiting, Start Making: M5 is Here!
Hey AnkerMake fan, After months of non-stop hard work, the wait's finally over for AnkerMake M5. Thank you for all the support! Whether you backed us on Kickstarter, pre-ordered, or beta-tested, you were able to make M5 better along the way with your valuable feedback. We're also proud to announce if you're in the US/UK/DE and EU, you can order M5 with fast and free shipping right now! Plus, you'll get 24-hour order processing! So if you missed the Kickstarter or pre-order deals, now is the time to order. Start 2023 right and make your printing dreams come true. Voice Interactions From Day 1, we've been committed to creating high-speed, intelligent, and quality 3D printers for our fellow makers. That's why we launched M5 on Kickstarter and showed off the 5X faster speed and easy-to-connect design. Part of the initial design was to use Alexa and the Google Assistant to access your printer and check on the print status. For the Google Assistant, we planned to use the tool Conversational Actions to develop this feature. However, Google decided to discontinue Conversational Actions in June (For more information, click here). We've spent the past few months trying to develop a workaround, but the results don't meet our expectations for a positive user experience. After a tough round of discussions, we have decided to remove the Google Assistant feature. We apologize for any disappointment and inconvenience. But you can still check the printer status of AnkerMake M5 via Alexa. There's an update coming via OTA or the AnkerMake app on January 16th. Alexa's standing by and waiting to help. You can ask questions, such as: We can't wait to hear what you think about voice control. And we'll keep you updated on any developments to the AnkerMake software. As always, thanks for all the love and support. We can't wait to see what you make! The AnkerMake Team
Holiday Shipping, Christmas Models, and More
Hey Kickstarter backers, Here's some great holiday news! Last weekend, all M5 3D printers bound for the US, EU, UK, and Canada were delivered to local logistic suppliers—which means they're ready to ship to your home. We haven't forgotten about our other backers either—your packages are on the way to your local warehouses. We know that you may have questions, so we've answered some of the most common ones. Q: Which company is shipping my M5 to me? A: We've updated the local logistics companies we shared in our previous blog. Take a look: Q: How do I get my tracking number? A: First, we're very sorry that we didn't provide this initially. If you didn't receive a tracking number from your local carrier, reach out to our Support Team. We'll respond within 24 hours. Q: Which deliveries will be prioritized? A: We strictly follow the backer order number when processing orders. We are unfortunately unable to control exactly when deliveries happen once they're shipped to local warehouses, but be rest assured that all orders with confirmed addresses should be delivered within a few days. Q: Is shipping still on track? A: For most orders, we are on track with the original shipping plan—some M5s even arrived early. The exact delivery time does depend on local suppliers, weather, customs, and other factors. If you have concerns, please contact our Support Team for an update. Unbox and Share You know the feeling when you get a package. That thrill of excitement and the eagerness to quickly open it. We love that feeling, too, and that's why we want to see your reaction when you unbox AnkerMake M5. Snap pictures or create a video and tag it with #M5Unbox. Here's an unboxing video we made: Print Some Holiday Decorations The holidays are almost here, and you can print some festive models to help get your workspace and home feeling a bit more like Christmas. These four new models are available via OTA on Friday. Give the prints a try and share the results with our Discord group @AnkerMake 3D: https://discord.gg/4kWCsfmaC5. We hope you enjoy your M5, and remember M5 comes with a 12-month warranty and hassle-free customer service. If you ever need anything, email us at support@ankermake.com. We'll respond within 24 hours. Keep Making, The AnkerMake team
Your M5 and Filament Is On the Way
Hey Kickstarter backers, We're one week closer to you getting your hands on M5. Earlier this month, our Air-Express backers started printing, and you've seen M5 in action. We can't wait for you to experience M5 yourself! M5 Shipping Status Shipping is on track with delivery dates scheduled below. In some cases, your delivery could even arrive earlier than expected (just ask the Air-Express backers 😉). We can't guarantee early delivery, but we're crossing our fingers. Check out the table for more details: We know the holidays are a busy travel time. If you're out of town around the estimated time of delivery, let us know. We can hold your package until you get back. Filament Shipping Status And here's some news you want to see! All 3- and 5-filament packs are fresh out of the factory and on their way to you now! Check the table to see when they'll arrive. Don't Forget AnkerMake M5 comes with a 12-month warranty and hassle-free customer service. If you ever need anything, email us at support@ankermake.com. We'll respond within 24 hours. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Who's Ready for Software Updates?
Hey Kickstarter backers, We've been quite busy in the lab, especially on the software side. After weeks of hard work, we're excited to share what's getting updated in the latest versions of the AnkerMake firmware, app, and Slicer. We've also got more of your models to show off! New Firmware and Software You can now download new versions of the AnkerMake firmware and Android app (iOS this week), and slicer. Check out the upgraded features here: Firmware Upgrade Device local file update added. Camera calibration. This happens after M5 is used for the first time, including after factory resets. This helps improve AI recognition. Display added for AI accuracy. First-layer detection added. Homing fan and print speed adjustment added to the touch screen. New interfaces/protocols added to support control modules on the AnkerMake App and AnkerMake Slicer, including extrusion and preheating. Fixed some bugs. How to Update You can upgrade after connecting your M5 to Wi-Fi through OTA. The firmware takes several minutes to finish downloading. Wait until you see a red dot in the right corner. An update window will pop up. Click update to complete. We recommend keeping your M5 firmware up to date for the best experience! App Upgrade Extrusion and Z-axis compensation added to the control module. Several other features added, including preheating, an AI accuracy display, and fan speed adjustment. Bugs fixed. How to Update Get the new version from the Google Play Store. Next week, a new version for iOS will be available on the App Store. Slicer Upgrade Added programming instructions to the G-Code for first-layer detection features. You'll receive new notifications to understand the causes of software errors and identify solutions clearly. For example, users who experienced performance issues will now get a notification of "Current OpenGL Version Too Low." Issues Addressed Fixed login window links jumping to unknown web pages. Solved remote printing failures with Macs. Prints will no longer instantly show as "finished" when printing with Macs. Copy rewritten to address grammar and ease of understanding. You can now log in with your computer after logging in from your app after a password change. Fixed the OBJ file import and export function error. We also addressed some performance issues that led to crashes. How to Update Download the new version to your computer from https://www.ankermake.com/software Important: For the best experience, upgrade the firmware, app, and slicer at the same time. Note: After installing the new AnkerMake Slicer, the old slicer version AnkerSlicer will still exist on your computer. To ensure your old data is synced (including customized parameters), open the AnkerMake Slicer and check the custom parameters. Go to the top menu bar, and then Setting > Parameters. If AnkerMake does not automatically synchronize your data after startup, you can try this method: 1. Reinstall the new beta AnkerMake Slicer and start the program again. 2. Export the parameter group file from the old AnkerSlicer and import it to the new beta AnkerMake Slicer. Go to the top menu bar, and then Settings > Parameters > Import/Export. We See Your Models, Here's Some of Ours Wow! We can't believe all of the awesome prints we saw on Benchy 🤯 So, we came up with a few of our own ideas. Some practical, others fun. They're available with the firmware update. Check out some of our favorites here, and we've got several more for you to explore. They're available with the firmware update. CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree We're happy to announce that M5 is a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards honoree in the robotics category. We're proud to make the world a better place with 3D printing, and we're committed to bringing you advanced 3D printing to make your ideas become reality. That's all for now. We'll see you next week! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Find a Pre-Order Surprise
Hey AnkerMake fan, We know you're as excited as we are to start printing with AnkerMake M5, and we want to make it even easier for you to get started. If you pre-order before Dec. 15th, you can get a printing pack for $1. And the earlier you pre-order, the better the surprise. What's Inside the $1 Surprise Pack Don't miss your chance to make 3D printing even easier. The surprise pack ends on Dec. 15th. Canada Store Opens on Nov. 23rd Canada, we've got good news. We were able to find a logistics supplier and are proud to announce our Canada store is opening on Nov. 23rd. Thank you for your beta testing support and advice over the past few months. We wouldn't be here without you! Contact Us If you have any questions, you can email us anytime at support@ankermake.com. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Check Out Your M5 Prints
Hey Kickstarter backers, Our air-express backers have had M5 for about a week, and our jaws dropped when we saw the creations you made. Dragons, castles, dogs, parts, and more!We can't wait to see what you're going to print. Even better, share it with us. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @ankermake! Contact Us All air express packages should have been delivered. If you haven't received yours and can't find a tracking number from your logistics supplier, email us at support@ankermake.com. Our hassle-free customer service will get back to you within 24 hours and help you locate your M5. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Important: Read Before Assembling
Hey Kickstarter backers, We're excited! Some of you have already received M5 and are printing. 🥳 And that's not the only good news. Shipping's on Schedule Air-Express: All Air-Express packages should be delivered by now! If you haven't received your package and can't find a tracking number from your logistics supplier, contact us at support@ankermake.com. Regular Shipping: Production is going as planned, and we've shipped more than 10,000 M5's from the factory to you. Check out this schedule to see an estimated arrival date. And if you're out of town then, let us know. We can hold your package until you return. Important: Read Before Assembling Yes, we know that it can be a pain to read the instructions, but we've received some messages about damage that has been caused due to improper assembly. Before setting up M5, please read the quick start guide or watch the assembly video. Did you know that the M5 packaging acts as a support for the gantry? The foam assists when you are putting the two pieces together, significantly saving you time and keeping M5 free from damage. To find answers to other technical questions, just check out our how-to videos at the AnkerMake Support Center. Don't Forget AnkerMake M5 comes with a 12-month warranty and hassle-free customer service. If you ever need anything, email us at support@ankermake.com. We'll respond within 24 hours. In the meantime, enjoy AnkerMake M5. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Pre-Order Special Deal Extends to Nov. 6th
Hey AnkerMake fan, Here's some good news! We've decided to extend the pre-order period until Nov. 6th at 11:59 PM ET. That gives you extra time to get M5 with a free $75 value gift pack that includes a 2 kg PLA filament and a 64 GB USB drive. Why We're Extending the Deal Some customers weren't able to purchase M5 due to technical issues, and we worked quickly to resolve them. We want to be fair and give everyone more time to take advantage of the pre-order gift. EU Store Expanded We've added 26 more countries to purchase from our EU store. Current countries that can make purchases include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. Contact Us If you have any questions, you can email us at support@ankermake.com. Sincerely, The AnkerMake Team
Pre-Order M5 Today
Pre-Order M5 Today Hey fellow maker, If you missed out on the Kickstarter deals, today's your chance to pre-order M5 on ankermake.com. Pre-orders begin today from our US/UK/DE stores. If you're thinking, "What about all the Kickstarter orders?" Don't worry. We're starting pre-orders now to help with the production schedule and ensure you get M5 as soon as possible. Do note we will first deliver all Kickstarter orders before pre-orders on M5. So, what can you expect? Pre-Order Guide Starting Date: Oct. 24 | 9 AM ET Stores: US/UK/DE US: https://www.ankermake.com/us DE: https://www.ankermake.com/eu-en UK: https://www.ankermake.com/uk Payment: Full payment before delivery. Orders are refundable. Free Gift for Registered Emails: Sign up for updates and get a bonus link to purchase M5 with a $75 gift pack (2 kg PLA filament and 64 GB USB drive) by Oct. 31st. Note: Please note that the pre-orders will ship after all Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled. For more questions, please contact our Support Team at support@ankermake.com. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Software Release Dates Announced
Hey Kickstarter backers, We've got a lot of exciting news this week, with news on when we're releasing the beta software version, but let's get started with updates on shipping. Shipping Updates Wahoo! All 975 AnkerMake M5 3D printers shipped with air express have arrived in your local warehouse. Our staff is working around the clock to make sure that your order gets to your home on time. We're also happy to announce that more than 9,000 M5s are on their way to local warehouses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union. The last batch of printers bound for the UK and European Union are in production and on schedule according to our shipping plan. UK Carrier Changed After analyzing our options, we decided to switch our carrier in the UK to UPS for Kickstarter orders at no charge to you. While we were able to add a signature service with Hermes, we ultimately decided to choose a carrier with a higher delivery success rate. In fact, several UK backers say their packages are already on the way, which is faster than we anticipated. You may receive your printer before our software is ready. We ask for your patience as we continue development over the next few days. More details are below. Official Website Update Software Page We're happy to announce the release of the beta version of both the AnkerMake Slicer and AnkerMake App. You can find them on the AnkerMake Software Support page beginning Oct. 26th on AnkerMake.com. The AnkerMake Slicer The AnkerMake Slicer is our official 3D printing software, empowering you with full printing control on your devices wherever you are. And exclusive AI recognition protects you with instant error notifications to keep your prints on track. The AnkerMake App When you're out of the lab, the AnkerMake App has your back—letting you watch and control your prints anytime from your phone. You can also connect with other makers to share your ideas or collaborate. We are still making improvements and testing software features. Here are the latest updates: We can't wait for you to download and experience the AnkerMake Slicer and AnkerMake App. We also want to know what you think. Share your feedback so we can ensure that you're working with the perfect software for your 3D prints. Support Center We hope everything goes well when you have M5, but just in case something happens, we've got user manuals and articles ready to go. You can also check out how-to guides on software and accessories. Head to the AnkerMake Support Center starting Oct. 26th. We're also available via email at support@ankermake.com. The Road Ahead This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. There will be some obstacles as we head to an ideal 3D printing world, but we want you to be aware of any issues we face during development. And of course, we want to hear from you, and how we can improve to make ourselves and M5 perfect in your lab. Keep Making, The AnkerMake Team
M5 We've Shipped! You Ready?
Hey Kickstarter backer, We're back! We had a great week off for the holiday in China, and we've got some exciting news about M5. Shipping Updates 8,294 Printers On Their Way As of last week, 8,294 M5s are on their way to you right now. We're also continuing production with more than 10,000 M5s produced, meeting our expectations. So here's what to expect next. Your M5 will arrive at your local warehouse, and you will receive a tracking number once your package is shipped out of that local warehouse. After that, it's only a matter of time before M5 is at your door! UK Shipping Safeguards Your opinion was pretty overwhelming about our UK logistics supplier. So, our team made changes. We contacted Hermes and negotiated a signature service for each package to better ensure their safe arrival. And we're adding that extra service free of charge for peace of mind. Filament Reminders Just a reminder that your add-on packages will ship separately from your M5 order. We're still producing the 3- and 5-filament packs and plan to ship them in November. They should arrive at your door around January. For 6-filament packs, they should arrive around May, the same time as V6 Color Engine. Where's Your M5? 🔍 I think I see mine here 😉 Can you spot yours? We've also added an outer box to better protect your M5 package on its way to your door! M5 Progress APP AI Accuracy Display: We've added a new feature to show how accurate the AI recognition will be. The AI analyzes the lighting and color to determine the likelihood of an error and displays it as a percentage. Printing Tips: We want to make sure your prints are always looking the best they can, so we've added some pop-up suggestions to keep your printer in excellent shape, such as PEI plate and leveling notifications. Slicer Bug Fixes: The account button now responds when clicked. Registered accounts can now log in. You can also reset your password without issues. We are still addressing some special cases. Stopped errors and crashes from occurring when opening OBJ files. Optimized the login interface to reduce sluggishness and improve performance. Firmware Printer Status Synchronized: You'll see your printer status synced to the AnkerMake Slicer and AnkerMake App, ensuring you can see the current status clearly from any device. Wi-Fi Reconnect Button: If there's a disconnection, you can now easily click the Reconnect button to keep printing as smooth as possible. Video Quality Improved: For clearer images, use the camera sharpening effect. Font Packages Updated: The multi-language font pack has been updated to now support more Chinese and Japanese characters. Bug Updates: We are still addressing an error where large files fail to print remotely from Windows computers. The AnkerMake App will no longer restart if files are taking too long to load. If the power goes off, prints will now resume once power is restored. The temperature will no longer drop when preheating. Optimized the display of Japanese fonts. Corrected overexposed and dark images in Night Vision mode. Print with Multiple Materials We hear you! You want to print with more than just PLA. And you can do just that with AnkerMake M5. Here's what we printed with AnkerMake PETG, ABS, and TPU filaments. PETG PETG prints have translucent and smooth surfaces, which are also water-resistant and chemical-resistant. You can always reduce the printing speed for a more translucent effect. ABS ABS prints strong engineering parts with strong toughness and impact resistance. It also doesn't smell, has low shrinkage, and is easy to shape. TPU TPU is the perfect material for elastic polymer parts, which have good flexibility and resilience. That's All For Now We're going to head back to the factory and make sure that everything's smooth sailing for the rest of production. In the meantime, let us know what you'll print first with AnkerMake M5. We can't wait to see your creativity shine! The AnkerMake Team
V6 Surpasses Our Speed Expectations
Hey Kickstarter backers, It's our first update in 4 months on AnkerMake V6. We do feel bad holding out on you, but we're proud of the hard work we've achieved, thanks to you! Let's take a look at the progress. Whoa, That's Fast! Look, we understand the frustration of waiting days for prints. So, we used your suggestions to boost the speed on V6 even more, and the results turned out better than we could imagine. More time saved, less material used. If you want the nitty gritty, V6 was designed to support fast printing with M5 at 100 mm/s. That is faster than other 3D printers, but look, we knew we could do better. So, we experimented and experimented (lots of late nights 😪) and discovered our breakthrough—switching between colors. If your print has 6 colors in one layer, it can take 3 to 6 minutes to switch between colors. Multiply that by 1,000 layers (200 mm high), and that's 50 to 100 hours! Luckily, our re-targeting turned V6 into a time-saving machine. So, we're proud that our 3rd V6 prototype can now: Print at 150 mm/s. Save more time and materials when printing with more colors. Let's take a look at our latest V6 prototype experiment: We're impressed with the results, and we hope that you are, too! Time for a Reintroduction High-Speed Multi-Color Printing Put the afterburners on your 3D printing with V6 and achieve 150 mm/s thanks to M5 Powerboost. With the all-new Multi-Color Material Management, you'll see your efficiency improved. Multiple Colors, Multiple Materials 6 different colors, that's all good. But we're ensuring that you can print with different materials at the same time, even if different printing temperatures are required. And that includes water-soluble materials like PVA, so there are no limitations on your creativity. No Purge Tower Needed Preserve your filaments with the all-new Multi Color Material Management. It's less waste to protect your wallet. Intelligent Filament Management Monitor and control your 3D printing from anywhere in real time via the AnkerMake App and Slicer. Know instantly when it's time to switch filaments or set it to switch to the next spool automatically. Print parameters are automatically matched according to filament information. Get live filament temperature and humidity readings to ensure your print stays on track. V6 Changes Price Adjustment Because of the upgrades to the V6 hardware and structure, we had to reevaluate the price of V6. Our team is working hard to finalize the cost based on the latest prototype. When we determine the price, we'll let you know in a future update. Just know, we want to keep V6 within your budget! And Kickstarter backers, don't worry. You aren't affected by the price change, and we appreciate your suggestions to improve V6. Shipping Will Be Delayed 4 Months We had originally planned to ship V6 in January 2023, but our changes require more time for technical evaluations and software development. We now expect to ship V6 in May 2023. We will continue updating you on our progress, and we hope you're as eager as we are about the arrival of V6! Here's what we've accomplished so far and the timeline for the launch of V6. We do understand that 4 months is a long time to wait. If you no longer want V6, we will offer you a refund. Just email us at support@ankermake.com. Auto-Heating Feature Removed After evaluating, we discovered the auto-heating feature did not meet our standards. It did not significantly reduce moisture in the filament, and in fact, raised energy consumption. So, because it won't benefit you, we decided to remove it. We hope you understand our decision. That's All for Now We don't want to end on a sour note. We are excited about what's coming, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on V6! For now, we're going to get back to the lab. Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Unveiling the Shipping Plan and Other Updates
Hey Kickstarter backers, Hold on tight! We're pretty sure you're going to like this update 😉 When Will M5 Ship? This week 🥳 In fact, your printer might be being manufactured at this second! We developed an updated mass production plan in coordination with our factory and suppliers. This is what they can handle given that China's week-long national holiday is approaching. Check out the table to get an idea of when your M5 will arrive. The actual arrival time depends on local suppliers, weather, and other factors. Be assured that we're doing our best to get M5 to your home ASAP. You can check this list to find the local delivery service for your area. Do note that you may experience a shipping delay if you didn't fill in your address in the Pledge Box Survey. Local suppliers may also be different upon delivery. If you need help, email us at support@ankermake.com. Also note that because Christmas is only 3 months away, you can contact us if you want us to delay your delivery to make it more of a holiday surprise 🎁 M5 Progress AnkerMake App 1. G-Code Preview: When selecting the G-Code file, you'll now see an image along with the file name, so you know exactly what you're printing. 2. New iOS Added: iOS 16 is now compatible. We're working on Android 13 next! 3. Real-Time Video Fix: You should be able to click and get real-time video to activate now. AnkerMake Slicer 1. Software Improvements: Fixed a printer control error that caused the software to abruptly close. You can now see USB files when printing remotely. Optimized large file transfers when printing remotely. 2. G-Code Improvements: Stopped many temporary files being created while running the Slicer. Specifically, we targeted the generation and exit code of G-Code files. The rotation sensitivity was adjusted for G-Code previews so you can easily see your models while you're browsing. 3. Engine Improvements: We updated M5 parameters, such as travel speed and wall line width, to make printing faster and print quality smoother. 4. Path Optimization: We improve the Slicer path algorithm to make printing even faster. Here's the progress we've made: Firmware 1. Added Notifications: Now, you'll be able to know instantly when there's something wrong with data transfers or the temperature so you can solve the issue immediately. 2. Improved Camera Calibration: We've updated the interface to make it easier to adjust the angle of your camera. In the future, we'll add an automatic calibration function to improve AI recognition even more. 3. Firmware Updates After Powering On: No more worrying about firmware updates not completing. If M5 accidentally gets turned off while upgrading, the update will automatically resume after you turn M5 back on. 4. New Functions Added: You can now activate or deactivate the fill light whenever you want. In addition, you can control the quality of real-time view to ensure the stream never lags. That's All for Now Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about M5. We love adding your suggestions to the 3D printer so you get the most out of your prints! Next week, we've got a big announcement to make about V6. Check back then! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Mass Production Begins and More M5 Updates
Hey Kickstarter backers, It's the news you've waited to hear. Drum roll, please... AnkerMake M5 is entering mass production! Finally! Thank you so much for your patience over these past few weeks! Last week, our product team looked over the quality of our test runs and made the decision to move into mass production. While the previous version's hardware was fine, we discovered that the cooling fan wasn't as good as it could be. So, our development team switched the fan to another model, and well, it's certainly cool. Testing Specifics We put our fan to the test with the AutoDesk Kickstarter Geometry model, specifically the bridge. The curved bridge hangs over the plane at 45°, 35°, 20°, and 15°. When the fan keeps the material cooler, the quality is better. Note: This model was only for testing. Learn more about the test here. We recommend adding supports to your prints if they have similar angles. Here are the test results: The printing quality with the upgraded fan (Model: 3010, RPM 15,000) improved at temperatures of 77°F (25°C) and 95°F (35°C). At 77°F (25°C), the printing quality was similar at both 75% RPM and 100% RPM. At 95°F (35°C), the printing quality of 100% RPM was slightly better than 75% RPM. The rest results led us to set the default fan RPM to 75%. We recommend setting the RPM to 100% if the room temperature is around 95°F (35°C) or your model has a lot of overhangs. You can easily change the RPM via the touch screen, AnkerMake App or AnkerMake Slicer. Noise Level We are proud of the new quality results, but one drawback to the new 15,000 RPM fan is that the noise level increases. At 250 mm/s printing speed, we measured 52-53 dB at 75% RPM (Default) and 53-56 dB at 100% RPM, according to the ISO77779 International Regulation Acoustic Test Standard. Note: The noise level of the test room was 33 dB. The testing distance was 1 m (3.3 ft). Our previous fan model was able to print under 50 dB, but we decided that print quality was more important. We hope you understand our decision and will still enjoy creating with M5 as much as we do. More M5 Updates AnkerMake App Control Modules: Now you can change even more aspects of your print, including moving the X, Y, or Z axes, auto-leveling, and loading or unloading the filament—all from your phone. Timelapse Video Control: If you love showing off your work, toggle this feature on. If not, it's easy to switch off now on the AnkerMake app. Improved Light Adaptation: Real-time viewing at sunset (or sunrise for you early birds) will be smoother to watch. We updated the algorithm to avoid frequent switching between normal and night vision modes. Better First-Layer Detection: We improved the first-layer detection by raising the Z axis to a specific height so the AI camera can have a wider viewing angle. Thanks to our beta testers for helping us here! AnkerMake Slicer Crash Fix: We discovered a crash could occur when the progress bar was loading and solved it. Multiple Device Stability: We fixed a data transfer bug when multiple devices are connected and improved multiple-device connection stability. AI Photos and G-Code Files Merged: Now, you can transfer G-Codes to your printer without extra files. Firmware Faster Startups: Once you've connected your printer to Wi-Fi, M5 now skips over the connection page to make starting up faster the next time. Printer Status Syncing: The printer status is now synced with the AnkerMake app, so you can easily see errors or print jobs at a glance. Bug Fixes: Thanks to our beta users, we were able to solve these small bugs on M5. LED indicator display issues were corrected. No more crashes from lengthy file names. Updated font packs for Japanese users. That's All for Now Thanks so much for sticking with us while we made these important updates to M5. Keep checking back because we're about to release specific details on our shipping plan! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Update on M5 Progress and IFA Debut
Hey AnkerMake fans, We're hard at work getting M5 ready to ship to your home. Here's the progress we've made in just a few days, plus a bonus from AnkerMake M5's first public showing. Updates AnkerMake App LED Control: For makers who like to create in the dark, you can now control the printer LED with just a simple tap on the AnkerMake app and check the printer status in real time. Video Quality Choices: Decide the quality of your real-time video based on your network. You can choose between standard or HD to really check out the details on your model. Feedback Function: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with us. Give feedback anytime via the "Me" tab, so we can make it right. Optimized User Interface: We rounded the corners and enlarged the clickable area of buttons to make your experience easier, so you can focus on your 3D creations. AnkerMake Slicer Merged Preview Window: Thanks to your suggestions, we've merged the Slicer preview window with the slicing window to enhance your experience. Debugging Process: We're working on solutions for recent pop-up crashes and account log-in errors. Firmware Improved File Recognition: We expanded the scope of G-code checking to increase recognition rates and decrease file errors. Specifically, we added end G-code and M commands, as well as a G command to check for items. Bug Fixes: We solved Wi-Fi issues to improve communication with the AnkerMake app. M5's First Public Appearance at IFA IFA is one of the world's biggest trade shows, and we were in Berlin showing off M5 in its first public appearance. Thousands stopped by to take a look, and we made quite the impression with the media. If you understand German, check out this article from ComputerBase, which praised M5's ability to print without stringing. Or if you want the TLDR version, take a look at this tweet from Lance Ulanoff, a tech reporter for Medium. I had no idea @AnkerOfficial makes 3D printers. #IFA2022 #ShowStoppers pic.twitter.com/35Qnzi3LDH — Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) September 1, 2022 Lance is right—M5 is a showstopper! Check Out the Photos We had a great time meeting with everyone who stopped by. Here's a look at some of the fun captured on camera. That's All For Now Let us know what you're going to print first. We can't wait to see the results! Keep making, The AnkerMake Team
Kickstarter Update on Shipping Plan and Product Improvements
This is an update for all our crowdfunding backers. It's been a hectic month for the AnkerMake team. We appreciate your patience, and we're working non-stop to get the M5 3D printer ready for you. What's the Shipping Plan? After rounds of evaluations and in-depth discussions with our beta users, we decided to postpone the shipment until early October. That's when all logistics will be finalized. Your 3D printer should arrive sometime in December. Backers who paid for Air Express delivery will receive M5 six weeks earlier. Please be assured that the materials and components are arriving at our production centers as planned, and we will be ready for mass production soon. However, to give you the best AnkerMake 3D printer possible, we need more time to improve the printing experience. We share your disappointment in this delay because we want to get M5 in your hands as soon as possible. But we also want your first impressions to be positive with the best-in-class speed, accuracy, and versatility you deserve. How Will We Use the Extra Time to Enhance the M5 Experience? This month, the AnkerMake team made several improvements recommended by beta testers, such as adding shortcuts to preheat and reprint. We also upgraded the M5 hardware to improve stability. Our beta testing community has been invaluable in our development of M5, and we're thankful for their ideas and suggestions. While making these changes, we found other opportunities to enhance firmware and software to deliver a more accurate, diverse, and accessible user experience. Firmware Optimization of AI recognition algorithms is needed, to ensure the AI camera responds better to different lighting and filament colors. A small probability of false and missed recognition arose in the beta testing, and we will need more time to test with various conditions, and scale up to more pilot-produced machines before moving into mass production. App We're adding more advanced settings based on suggestions from our beta users, such as adjustments of X/Y/Z axis and printing speed. We're also making upgrades to the app to ensure an equally smooth experience for 3D printer beginners and experts alike. Slicer After looking into the in-depth feedback from beta users, we found that the interface interaction and motion planning algorithm both need to be optimized. Our software designers are making the interface more user-friendly, and our engineers are adjusting the motion planning algorithm to improve printing quality and reduce situations like ringing. Thank you to our beta testers for the recommendations! What's Next? Confirm your shipping information To date, 91% of M5 backers have submitted their mailing addresses through the Pledge Box survey. The address collection will end on September 9th to give us time to finalize device shipment preparations. If you miss the window, don't worry, you'll still get your rewards. Please reach out to us at support@ankermake.com. Weekly updates on shipping and production Starting in September, we will share production and shipping updates in the new blog on the AnkerMake official website. Check it out to stay up to date on shipping and get info on AnkerMake and 3D printing products. We have more to share We can't say everything right now, but we can let you know more materials have arrived and are getting ready for mass production. We can't wait to tell you what's happening next! As always, thank you again for your patience and support. We wouldn't be here without you! The AnkerMake Team
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