AnkerMake V6 Color Engine

AnkerMake V6 Color Engine

Multi-Color and Material Kit

Multi-Color and Material Kit

• AnkerMake V6 color engine is compatible with AnkerMake M5 3D printer.
• Pre-Orders will begin shipping from local warehouses in December 2023. The Kickstarter orders will be first fulfilled.
  • 6-Color/ Multi-Material Printing

  • Printing Automatically Continues

  • Smart Control via M5

  • No-Purge Tower

  • Real-Time Monitoring

  • Safe Filament Storage

Explore Creativity with Color

1 Print, Up to 6 Colors

Find the Color That Expresses You
Discover what you can make with 6 different colors in a single print. When paired with M5, you can even use water-soluble materials like PVA.
Detect Runouts and Auto-Change Spools
Your print never stops with automatic spool changing. Whenever low material is used up or broken, V6 switches to a second spool without you doing a thing.
Efficiently Switch and Save Material
Ditch the purge tower with V6 Color Engine auto-calculating the exact color and material lengths needed to make your model via AnkerMake Slicer.

3D Printing So Smart, It's Easy

Tailor-Made for AnkerMake
V6 is designed to be the perfect partner with M5 and future AnkerMake high-speed FDM printers.
3 Easy Steps to Print
1. Change the extruder.
2. Plug into M5.
3. Click to print.
Watch Intelligence in Action
V6 Color Engine is just as smart as M5 and handles its own slicing and printing. Add up to 6 colors into your model with AnkerMake Slicer, and then click Print to start. For more versatility, print remotely via the AnkerMake app.
Monitor Prints in Real Time
Receive real-time stats about remaining material no matter where you are. Review the V6 indicator, AnkerMake app notifications, the M5 touchscreen, or the AnkerMake Slicer and know that everything's all right.

Integrated, Tidy, Convenient

Avoid Tangled Cables and Clutter:
With 1 neat, cohesive design, V6 keeps any dangling wires or stray devices from your view.
Feel Safe About Storage:
V6 knows what to do to avoid temperature damage—showing you real-time filament temperature and humidity readings.

What’s in the Box

Note: V6 pictures are concept images only. The actual product may differ in appearance.
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